Pepper Beef Salami 80g

By Texa-Star

Pepper Beef Salami 80g

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Weight: 80g

Product Description: Add flavor to your breakfast with this German-style sliced salami that is prepared from the highest quality, certified beef with a pepper flavour. These beef salami slices are a handy way of adding some more delight to every dish, be it a pizza, a toastie, or tucked into a sandwich. This delicious pepper beef meat salami offers a feast of flavour to salami lovers at every meal. No need to cook, simply unpack and toss the meaty salami in pasta or chickpea salad.

Ingredients: 50 g beef, 40 g turkey meat, 10 g beef fat, 5 g chicken meat, salt, spices and spice extracts, maltodextrin, coloring food (beetroot juice concentrate), glucose syrup, dextrose, stabiliser (diphosphates), preservatives (sodium nitrite, potassium sorbate*), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), ripening cultures, smoke. 4 % coating (pepper, beef gelatine, preservative (sorbic acid)).  *for surface treatment