Organic Almond Butter & Coconut Raw Protein Bar

By Planet Organic

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Organic Almond Butter & Coconut Raw Protein Bar

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1 Piece = 50 grams

The Raw Protein Bar by Planet Organic has a melting texture that contains rich and delicious almond butter and coconut. Abundant in content, the bar supplies 10g of complete plant protein from pea, sprouted chia and brown rice. It can be taken as a snack or planned diet at any time of the day. A single bar can easily sustain the energy for an entire day and would help in building muscle mass.

Ingredients: Dates, 20% Almond Butter, Coconut Nectar, 10% Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, 6% Coconut, Cashew Butter, Cashew nuts, 3% Pea Protein, 3% Activated Chia, Vanilla

Product Description:

Description: Raw protein bar by Planet Organic featuring rich, healthy and scrumptious almond butter and coconut flavouring.

Origin: European Union

Flavour: Creamy and chewy snack bar with nutty notes and melt-in-the mouth texture.