Organic Cheezy Kale Popcorn

By Planet Organic

Organic Cheezy Kale Popcorn

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1 Packet = 20 grams

The Planet Organic Cheezy Kale Popcorn is a great pass-time snack that is made of hand-popped organic corn with organic coconut oil in artisan kettles. The savoury taste includes the delicious nutritional yeast.  The simple and addictive ingredients make it a go-to snack that can be served at house-parties or enjoyed while binge watching. The kale popcorns are produced in a facility that processes milk, mustard, sesame seeds and tree nuts. They are soy and gluten free and are suitable to be consumed by vegans.

Ingredients: 69% Popped Corn, Coconut Oil, 2% Kale, Himalayan Pink Salt, 2% Nutritional Yeast.

Product Specifications:

Description: Organic Cheezy Kale Popcorn by Planet Organic made of organic hand-popped corn featuring coconut oil in artisan kettles.

Origin: United Kingdom

Flavour: Savoury flavour with a crunchy bite.