Organic Paleo Chocolate Bliss Granola Bars

By Planet Organic

Organic Paleo Chocolate Bliss Granola Bars

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1 Piece = 30 grams

A Paleo Chocolate Bliss Granola Bars have a delicious base of wholesome nuts, seeds, chia seeds, coconut & superfoods. The grain-free ingredients have been slow-baked with low GI coconut nectar to get the chewy texture. Moreover, the cacao powder, cacao nibs & vanilla create a wonderful flavour which makes them an enjoyable snack. The highly nutritious bar helps sustain energy throughout the day and is suitable to be consumed by vegans. It is soy and gluten free.

Ingredient: Coconut Nectar, Sunflower Seeds, Cashew Nuts, Coconut Chips, Chopped Dates (with Rice Flour), Brazil Nuts, Coconut Sugar, 3.81% Almonds, Cacao Powder, 1.82% Cacao Nibs, Milled Linseed, 0.75% Vanilla Powder, Chia Seeds.

Product Specification:

Description: Planet Organic Paleo Chocolate Bliss Granola Bars containing a delicious base of chia seeds, wholesome nuts, seeds, superfoods and coconuts.

Origin: European Union

Flavour: chewy and sweet taste with nutty and dense chocolate notes.