Popcorn Roasted Green Tea 50g

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Popcorn Roasted Green Tea 50g

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Weight: 50g

Product Description: This tea is a homage to the heritage of the railroads in East Africa which brought tea to these lands along with many exotic herbs and spices. This tea from a plantation on the slopes of Mount Kenya is infused with the vigor of the mountain and the perennial splendor of the equatorial sun. Once brewed, the tea has an earthy aroma with a nutty finish. This tea pairs beautifully with "High Tea" sandwiches such as cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon or Ploughman's sandwich.

How to use Roasted Popcorn Green Tea:

  • Place 4 grams of tea leaves into an Infuser Tea pot
  • Pour Hot water of 80 Degrees
  • Step and allow to brew for 4 Minutes
  • Mix with spoon to ensure all the tea leaves are well opened
  • Best Enjoyed without Milk
  • This tea contains Caffeine
Origin: Kenya