Prinzen Rolle Cremys 172g

By Prinzen

Prinzen Rolle Cremys 172g

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Expiry Date : 2022-08-01

1 Piece = 172g

Product Description:

For flipping and dipping, Prinzen enjoy: First you lift off the biscuit crown and then you dip it with relish in the irresistibly creamy nut nougat cream. Or you can have some cremys with a bite. Or do you find another way to enjoy the crispy biscuit and the fine cream filling?


Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fats (sunflower, palm, palm kernel, coconut in variable proportions, hazelnut pulp (5%), skimmed milk powder, sweet whey powder , low-fat cocoa powder, whole milk powder , glucose syrup, emulsifier (lecithins), salt,  barley malt extract, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, aroma, baking agent).