Honey Comb 220 Grams

By Queen Bee

Honey Comb 220 Grams

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* Per Piece

1 Piece = 220 grams

Enjoy honey in its purest form and in a different flavour than usual with the Queen Bee Honey Comb. Highly beneficial for various parts of the body, this is something which is not very commonly sold in the marketplace. The lip-smacking honey comb is good for the stomach if swallowed as it is. It helps in creating a protection layers against acidity, gastrointestinal infections and bloating. The taste is unlike the regular bottled honey and has a chewy texture that feels like jelly when you eat it.

Ingredients: Fresh and Clean Honey Comb Obtained from Bee Hives.

Product Specifications:

Description: Queen Bee Honey Comb containing purest form of honey that has remedial benefits for the stomach.

Flavour: Chewy and jelly like texture with sweet flavour featuring warm undertones.