Reduced Salt Swiss Vegetable Vegan Bouillon Powder

By Marigold

Reduced Salt Swiss Vegetable Vegan Bouillon Powder

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1 Piece =  150g

Product Description: Amazingly versatile and flavourful powder, the vegan bouillon can be one of the best picks in your kitchen. The reduced salt powder can be used as a perfect seasoning for sauces, stews, hot drinks, and casseroles. This gluten-free and yeast-free powder add other nutritive ingredients like potato starch, vegetables, palm oil, maize starch, celery, and parsley to name a few. All the ingredients come with distinctive health benefits and provide a unique taste.

Ingredients: Potato Starch, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (soya, maize), Sea Salt, Palm Oil (sustainable), Vegetables 10% (onion, parsnip, leek, carrot), Maize Starch, Parsley, Celery Seed, Turmeric, White Pepper, Garlic, Mace, Lovage, Nutmeg

Product Specifications

Description: A great gluten-free option that comes with some healthy ingredients are a quick and easy way to make your own unique recipe.

Origin: UK