Beef Ribeye Roast

From New Zealand

Beef Ribeye Roast

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1 Piece = 1.5Kg Approx.

Product Description: Situated under the front section of the backbone, ribeye roast is a popular cut that is used in a multitude of delicious recipes. Its rich beefy flavour has a tender texture and a juicy moist flavour that will taste even better when you grill or roast it. Some of the most popular recipes include the Beef Roast with Yorkshire Pudding, Beef Rib Roast with Lemon Glazed Carrots & Rutabagas, Classic Beef Rib Roast, and Peppery Beef Rib Roast. The meat is cut from the New Zealand grass-fed cattle that are naturally bred for superior quality beef.


Beef Meat from New Zealand