Organic Wheat Vegan Rigatoni

By Bioitalia

Organic Wheat Vegan Rigatoni

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1 Piece= 500gm

Product Description: Do you still pick the same old type of pasta for the dinner, just because now working with it, is a cakewalk for you? Well, little did you know that different shapes always allow you to create something better. Rigatoni is one such amazing pasta that looks like medium-shaped tubes, which is a bit larger and fatter than your penne pasta, but have flat ends. The hollow space of the pasta lets you prepare an exotic recipe with a more textured sauce such as cream sauces or meat sauces. You can also bake it into a pasta pie. It is made of organic durum wheat semolina with higher protein content, so you can count on it as a healthy option in your pantry.

Ingredients: Organic Durum Wheat Semolina