Roasted Garlic, Pinch Salt Tub

By Cornish Sea Salt

Roasted Garlic, Pinch Salt Tub

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Expiry Date : 2022-03-01

1 Piece = 55g

Product Description: Give your cooking a real and rich taste by adding this pure and natural salt infused with an amazing flavour of garlic. This wonderful tub of salt retains over 60 trace elements and also, is naturally low in sodium. The salt is much healthier than your regular salt and even provides your food with more flavour. Also, the subtle garlic hint in the salt gives an exotic smell to your food items.

Ingredients: Cornish Sea Salt (82%), Roasted Garlic (18%)

Product Specifications

Description: A tastier and healthier alternative to the table salt, this roasted garlic pinch salt can become your next favourite addition in your food.

Origin: UK