Salami, Seed Sandwich Box

By QualityFood

Salami, Seed Sandwich Box

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* Per Case

1 Box = 7 Lunch Goodies for Salami Sandwich

What do we include in your Salami, Seed Sandwich Box:

  • 140g (x3) Seeds and Cereals Baguette
  • 80g Beef Salami
  • 150g Edam Cheese Slices
  • 180g Cream Cheese
  • 100g Unsalted Butter
  • 200ml Koita Organic Low Fat Cow (Semi-Skim) UHT Milk
  • 30g Coco Deli Coconut Chips - Classic

Box Description:

Make it your way! Enjoy a crispy salami sandwich with your choice of spread from butter, cream cheese or Edam slices. Add classic coconut chips for extra crunchiness.