Schnitzer Organic Gluten Free Sesam Schnitten

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Schnitzer Organic Gluten Free Sesam Schnitten

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1 Piece=250g

Product Description: Rich in magnesium and fibre, the Schnitzer Organic Sesam Schnitten is loaded with nutrients that provide you with great health benefits. Made with the fine willet and linseed, this Schinitten has a unique taste and flavour. You can enhance its taste by topping it off with fresh fruits and whipped cream. It can be a perfect breakfast option. You must consume it within 5 months. It is made from natural ingredients and no artificial flavours are added in it.

Ingredients: Natural Buckwheat Sourdough* (Wholegrain Buckwheat*, Water), Water, 14% Sesame Seeds*, Corn Flour*, Linseed*, Wholegrain Buckwheat*, Wholegrain Millet*, Soya Flour*, Sea Salt, Apple Bran*, and Emulsifier: Soya Lecithins*. *Organic.