Sohat Natural Mineral Water 1.5 Litre

By Sohat

Sohat Natural Mineral Water 1.5 Litre

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Expiry Date : 2023-07-05

1 Piece = 1.5 Litre

PET bottle of the pure and fresh Sohat Mineral Water contains crystalline qualities that would perfectly accompany any dish. Sohat is renowned as the top most quality mineral water brand in Lebanon and the surrounding region. The water is obtained from the serene and mineral rich mountains of Falougha. The light and crisp flavour of the water is achieved by passing it through various geological layers. It has low mineral content and almost no sodium. The plastic PET bottle has a design that embodies the beauty of the Falougha Mountains.

Ingredients: Pure and fresh spring water.

Product Specifications:Β 

Description: Naturally obtained PET bottle of Sohat Water from the mountains of Falougha.

Origin: Lebanon

Flavour: Crisp and light flavour.