Organic  Vegan Sottolestelle Bioveg Classic Mayo

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Organic Vegan Sottolestelle Bioveg Classic Mayo

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1 Piece=240ml

Product Description: Make sandwiches, burgers, salads and other dishes more delicious with the Sottolestelle Bioveg. Classic Mayo. Made from mustard seeds and sunflower oil, this mayo has a unique flavour. It has a light and classic taste. With a smooth and fine texture, this mayo easily blends with any type of food. 100% organic. This delicate sauce can manifold the taste of your daily meals. No artificial flavours are added in this mayo which makes it a healthier alternative to those processed ones.

Ingredients: Water, Sunflower Oil *, Apple Vinegar *, Rice Starch *, Mustard Seeds *, Agave Syrup *, Sea Salt, Thickeners: Guar * Gum, Xanthan Gum; White Pepper *, and Acidity Corrector: Citric Acid. *Organic