S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water Glass 250ml x 24

By San Pellegrino

S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water Glass 250ml x 24

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Weight: 250ml (24Pcs)

Product Description: They say 8 glasses of water a day keeps almost all the body diseases away. But is the water you’re sipping safe? Are you getting all the essential minerals through the liquid? To keep yourself safe from any such doubts, ensure you’re having this glass bottle of natural sparkling water that comes to you from the finest Italian Alps. This water is naturally enriched with calcium, mineral salts, and magnesium. Its crisp and clean taste is what easily complements the taste of all food items. Available in a 250ml glass bottle, it is sizeable enough to take for a quick stroll around the town or for a quick bite.

Ingredients: Natural Sparkling Water