Fitroo Khabib Sport Glazed Protein Bar Banana 40g

By FitRoo

Fitroo Khabib Sport Glazed Protein Bar Banana 40g

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Expiry Date : 2022-12-01

Weight: 40g

Product Description: Healthy, nutritious, and delicious, the Sport Glazed Protein Bar Banana is a delicious snack for all banana lovers. The snack is perfect to cut down on unhealthy munching and maintain your health. Eat the bar in between meals or during work to energise yourself and carry on with your day. The ready-to-it snack has a nice and appealing aroma. The banana flavour enriches the sweet taste and satisfies your hunger cravings. Enjoy the bar with plain milk or eat it with yoghurt.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, soy protein isolate, confectionery coating (sugar, laurin-type cocoa butter substitute, cocoa powder, soy lecithin emulsifier, vanillin flavour), polydextrose, milk fat substitute(refined deodorized modified vegetable oils, emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, antioxidants(E304i, E306)), fructose, soy fibre, emulsifier soy lecithin, water-retaining agent glycerine, dried banana (powder), banana flavour, preservative potassium sorbate.