Sushi Kit 325g

By Enso

Sushi Kit 325g

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Expiry Date : 2023-02-01

Weight: 325g

Product Description: Why run to different stores to get the important items for making sushi when you can have this amazing sushi kit? The pack includes everything you need for making a classic and delicious dinner. It has all the pastes and sauces with the best of flavors to help you do cooking effortlessly. It even includes chopsticks and bamboo sushi rolling mats that are natural and non-toxic. A perfect pack for 2-4 members, you can stock this kit in your kitchen drawer and prepare a quick and healthy meal whenever you want.

Kit Includes: Rice Vinegar 30g (1 Sachet), Nori Seaweed 4 X Sheets, Wasabi Paste 6g (1 Sachet), Soy Sauce 20g (2 Sachets), Sushi Ginger 8g (1 Sachet), Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat(X1), Chopsticks (2 Pairs)