Organic Vegan Wheat Tagliatelle Pasta 500g

By Bioitalia

Organic Vegan Wheat Tagliatelle Pasta 500g

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Weight: 500g

Product Description: Be it a brunch, special Sunday breakfast, or your tasty afternoon snack time, pasta can always be the answer to all these events. And why not, this easy and tasty item comes in so many shapes that you can experiment with it in many ways. One such great option is the tagliatelle pasta that looks like flat ribbons and works amazing with oil, garlic, and seafood dishes. Made of organic durum wheat semolina, this pasta is rich in protein and fibre content, and also can be an excellent option for those who stay conscious about gaining weight. Also, since it is quite thick, thus, goes very well with heavier, meaty sauces.

Ingredients: Organic Durum Wheat Semolina