Tamarind Stir-Fry Paste 30g

By De Siam

Tamarind Stir-Fry Paste 30g

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Expiry Date : 2022-08-19

Weight: 30g

Product Description: If the word tamarind makes your mouth water, you’ll surely love this sour and a bit citrusy sauce. All in all, with a bit of complex flavor, this thick sauce can make many dishes taste even better. Made from pure tamarind, some sugar, and salt, the sauce can even be used as an uncooked dip. Besides including it in noodles, curries, or soups, you can even make candies, cocktails, and desserts with this sauce.

Ingredients: Water, Tamarind 50.00%, Sugar, Salt, Acidity Regulator: Acetic Acid.