The Dairy Buttery Box

By QualityFood

The Dairy Buttery Box

Regular price 101.90 AED
* Per Case

1 Box = 4 Dairy Buttery Treats

What do we include in your Dairy Buttery Box :

  • 295g (10 Pieces) Pepito Pockitos Milk Chocolate Coated Cakes
  • 250g St. Michel Mini Madeleines
  • 300g Meadows Smooth Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate
  • Koita Organic Low Fat (Semi-Skim) UHT Milk 1L

Box Description:

Sweet treats for everyone, the dairy buttery box includes chocolate peanut butter for the hungry little ones to spread on the soft and delicious madeleines whilst enjoying a large glass of organic milk before munching on a Pepito Pockitos Milk Chocolate Coated Cakes which are filled with calcium content that benefits the health.