Tomato & Leek Melty Puffs

By Ella's

Tomato & Leek Melty Puffs

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1 Piece= 20g

Product Description: Looking for a fun and tasty finger food for your little one? Try these tomato + leek maize puffs made for 6+ months babies for playing and learning without a mess. Made of organic tomato and leek, these super melty puffs will melt in your little ones’ mouth. Each puff is made just the right shape and size to help toddlers pick up food on their own. This yummy finger food snack for babies contains no added salt or sugar, no additives, and no colouring.


Organic Maize Flour 72%, Organic Sunflower Oil 13%, Organic Dried Tomatoes 8%, Organic Dried Carrots 4%, Organic Dried Leeks 2%, Organic Dried Onions 1%, Thiamine (Vitamin B1)* <0.1%, Other Stuff 0%, * I have no Organic Certification