Turkey Salami 150g

By Texa-Star

Turkey Salami 150g

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Weight: 150g

Product Description: Looking for a healthy snack without compromising on taste? Try the much recognized and applauded turkey salami that can be an important part of a whole breakfast or be a standalone snack time winner too. The ready to eat, processed salami is made from certified turkey meat and sold pre-sliced. Hygienically prepared and packed, the delightful sliced beef salami can be consumed as a pizza topping or in a submarine sandwich for a quick meal.

Ingredients: 50 g turkey meat, 40 g beef, 10 g beef fat, 5 g chicken meat, salt, spices and spice extracts, maltodextrin, coloring food (beetroot juice concentrate), glucose syrup, dextrose, stabiliser (diphosphates), preservatives (sodium nitrite, potassium sorbate*), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), ripening cultures, smoke.Β  *for surface treatment.