TeGusto Walnut Preserve 300g

By TeGusto

TeGusto Walnut Preserve 300g

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Expiry Date : 2022-10-13

Weight: 300g

Product Description: The Walnut Preserve has a rich date flavour that tastes exquisite with bread or cheese. Made primarily with walnut fruit, this delicious preserve has an exquisite firm taste that pairs well with your morning toasts, sweet sandwiches, and even fruit salads. Whether young or elderly, this gourmet treat is as healthy as it is delicious for all. The preserve tastes great when cold but you can also warm it up a little during chilly mornings to enjoy a delicious taste. Open this jar of happiness to make your day.

Ingredients: Walnut fruits, sugar, acidity regulator-citric acid, spices-cloves, drinking water.