Wholegrain cakes Cereal Cocktail Honey 100g

By Dr.Korner

Wholegrain cakes Cereal Cocktail Honey 100g

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Expiry Date : 2022-09-28

Weight: 100g

Product Description: The Wholegrain Cakes Cereal Cocktail Honey contains natural ingredients and flavours, making it a healthy snack. Enjoy the rich honey flavoured ready-to-eat crispbreads between meals at any time of the day. Take a bite and enjoy the appealing aroma in every bite. Eat the breads with different sauces and spreads, complemented with your favourite beverage. Made with wheat, rice, and buckwheat, the bread is free of sugar and rich in fibres, making it perfect for a guilt-free snack. The crunch is enjoyed by all, children and adults alike.

Ingredients: wheat, rice, fructose, buckwheat, natural honey flavouring, iodised salt, sweetener: sucralose, honey. GMO-free