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Baked Almond Filled Croissant 5 x 90g

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Weight: 90g x 5Pcs

Product Description: Crafted in the same manner as fresh bakes, this Almond Filled Croissant is a rich dessert everyone would love to devour. Its buttery smooth and sweet taste makes it one of the favorite French desserts. Frozen and unbaked, it is filled with rich almond paste and topped with flaked almonds which add more crunch to the crispy crust that has sugar icing on it. A cup of hot espresso or cappuccino will perfectly go well with this croissant.

Ingredients: Dough: Wheat Flour (Contains: Wheat Gluten, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid E300)), Butter (Milk)(16.0%), Water, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Baking Improver (Wheat Gluten, Wheat Flour, Yeast, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid E300), Egg. Almond Filling (19%) (Sugar, Almonds (6.5%), Egg White, Invert Sugar Syrup, Water, Invertase E1103). Topping: Almond Flakes (4.2%). Inclusion: 1 x 65g Icing Sugar Pot (Icing Sugar, Potato Starch).