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LU Bastogne Cinnamon Biscuits 260g

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Expiration Date: 2023-07-31

Weight:  260G

Product Description: Biscuits made with caramelized sugar and cinnamon flavour can make your day. Just open the pack and you’ll instantly smell the delicious candy and caramel, which is one of the prime reasons that you won’t be able to resist yourself from having one. Besides this, the crisp and crunch of the biscuits make them go well with your desserts. Cinnamon added to these biscuits is loaded with antioxidants, known for its medicinal properties.

Ingredients: Wheat flour 45.6%, sugar, palm oil, 10% candy sugar powder, glucose-fructose syrup, eggs, candy sugar syrup, baking powder (sodium carbonate), glucose syrup, colour ( regular caramel), 0.2% cinnamon powder, salt, aroma

Product Specifications

Description: Don’t forget to bring these biscuits with your coffee moments. These cinnamon biscuits are the best healthy and tasty option to have for the day.

Origin: Belgium