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Farm Organic Gluten Free Ginger Powder - 100g

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Expiration Date: 2024-12-24

Weight: 100g

Product Discerptions: Ginger root or ginger is one of the healthiest and most vigorous spices. Loaded with natural oils, bioactive compounds, and nutrients, the Organic ginger powder is a supreme quality dry ginger powder. Besides adding a touch of warmth and flavor to yo

Organic Ginger has to be the healthiest and most flavorful spice in the whole world. Fresh ginger is known as adrak in Hindi, and dry ginger powder is known as 'Sonth' in Hindi, Sonti' in Telugu, 'Sonth' in Bengali, and 'Soonth' in Gujarati. Β The dry ginger powder comes from fresh ginger roots that are dried. It is a well-made off White Brownish powder that possesses a sharp flavor and a distinct aroma with its excellent culinary uses, the dry ginger (sonth) powder works wonderfully in curing health excellent ailments. Let's find out below the health benefits of dry ginger powder.

Origin: India