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By Lebanese Dairy Co.

Labneh Small 225g

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Expiration Date: 2024-03-25

Weight: 225g

Product Description: If you’re a fan of Greek yoghurt, then you’ll also love adding this fresh, thicker, and flavourful labneh to your kitchen inventory. Made with the help of traditional methods, this labneh is something that can go with almost every type of delicacy and enhance its flavour effortlessly. Be it your breakfast, daily snacks, or savoury dishes, just one scoop over your dish and you’re done. You can prepare a fresh bowl of eggplant, chickpea and labneh salad or a bowl of sweet corn and lentil salad for a healthy afternoon snack. This wonderful ingredient can be used as a dip for your pita bread as well or you can consider it in place of sour cream to give a much more satisfying tangy flavour to your recipes.