Vasant Cumin Powder 500g - QualityFood
Vasant Cumin Powder 500g - QualityFood
Vasant Cumin Powder 500g - QualityFood

By Vasant

Vasant Cumin Powder 500g

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Expiration Date: 2025-07-01

Weight: 500g

Product Description: Cumin Seeds
Vasant’s 100% pure and high-quality Cumin Seeds have a distinctive flavour and aroma which add an earthy feeling to the food. Vasant Cumin Seeds are procured from the best places to ensure that only the finest quality raw-material enters the processing units. From there, it is triple sifted and thoroughly cleaned before it gets packed. All the processes are done in a hygienic environment.

How to use:
Use a teaspoon of Vasant Cumin Seeds as tadka to your sabji or rice.

About the Spice:
Cumin seeds or jeera is a spice that comes from the Cuminum cyminum plant. It is a staple spice in many cuisines around the world, especially Mexican, Indian, African, and Asian. Not only that, but cumin seeds are one of the vital ingredients for most of the Indian foods.

It is believed that no other spice can match the multiple benefits of cumin seeds and their unique aroma and taste. Aside from this, cumin seeds also play an important medicinal role in many parts of the world. Cumin Seeds are nutritionally rich and provide high amounts of good fat (especially monounsaturated fat), protein, and dietary fibre. It also provides vitamins B, E, and several dietary minerals.
Cumin has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can calm the skin and keep it free from blemishes. Using cumin for face is also a great exfoliator Buy the best quality Cumin Seeds from our online masala store.

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds:
Promotes digestion
Improves blood cholesterol levels
Promotes weight loss
Fights inflammation
Is a rich source of Iron
Prevents Food-Borne Illnesse

Irritable bowel syndrome
Memory loss