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Nescafe Coffee UHT
From Nestlé
* Per Pack
Regular price Dhs. 3.86

1 Packet = 200ml (approx.)


NESCAFÉ UHT are delicious milky coffee-flavored drinks made from choice domestic coffee beans, using international technology to produce a refreshing coffee content that contains a stimulant to restore enthusiasm for daily activities. NESCAFÉ UHT is also good for maintaining a healthy body, since they are rich in antioxidants which bind damaging free radicals.

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Luxury Popcorn Indulgent Cocoa Nib 125g
From Thomas Tucker
* Per Pack
Regular price Sale price Dhs. 5.00 Dhs. 13.25

1 Packet = 125gm (approx.)


Lightly popped mushroom corn coated in chocolate toffee and drizzled with cocoa nibs. 

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Spaghetti 500gm
From Milaneza
* Per Pack
Regular price Dhs. 5.33

1 Packet = 500gm (approx.)


The most famous pasta of all can be appreciated with anything: seafood, mushrooms, meat.. creating from the simplest to the most complex dishes, always surprising us. Olive oil, tomato and cream-based sauces allow creating delicious but simple dishes.

Everybody loves Milaneza pastas.
Milaneza is the #1 pasta in Portugal.
The reasons for this success are simple: a rigorous selection of the best hard wheat and a modern production technology, creating an extremely tasteful pasta that everybody enjoys.

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