QualityFood Wallet FAQ

QualityFood Wallet or Store Credit – Our QualityFood Wallet credit simply refers to money that is converted into store-specific currency, and is held in your QualityFood.ae account like a bank. When you receive QualityFood Wallet credit on the QualityFood.ae platform, the funds can be utilized during checkout by clicking the box on the basket page once your order is complete. You have full control in regards to how they choose to apply store credit to a purchase. You can use 100% of the funds you have available or a smaller percentage. Customers have complete control.


QualityFood Wallet FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I decide not to use my store credit?

  • Yes, you have the power to decide whether or not to use your store credit for a purchase. Depending on the amount of the order, your account balance will automatically adjust after the transaction has been processed.


Can I decide how much QualityFood Wallet credit I want to use for a specific purchase?

  • Yes, you have the power the dictate how much store credit you use, and how you use it (as long as you have a sufficient amount of store credit available in your account).


What is needed to receive store credit?

  • To obtain QualityFood Wallet credit, the first thing that is needed is an open account on the QualityFood.ae platform, and secondly, funds that can be converted into store credit.