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Red Seedless Grapes
From USA
* Per Pack
Regular price 25.50 AED

1 packet = 1kg (approx.)

Grapes make a great snack and can also be used to make juices, desserts, salads and main dishes. These versatile fruits provide a number of essential nutrients and their phytochemicals may provide the health benefits of potentially lowering your risk for heart disease and cancer.


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Butternut Pumpkin Squash
From Oman
* Per Piece
Regular price 23.00 AED

1 Piece = 1 to 1.5Kg (approx.)


Butternut Pumpkin has a lush, sweet flavor that goes naturally with roasts and game. No harvest feast is complete without a steaming bowl of mashed butternut squash. We season it with a touch of nutmeg — an old New England trick. Roast and puree this versatile squash as a base for a comforting winter soup.


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Sweet Sapphire Grapes
From Australia
* Per Pack
Regular price 45.00 AED

1 packet = 800g - 1kg (approx.)  

The unusual two-inch tubular shape of the Sweet Sapphire is not the only unique characteristic of this extremely sweet table grape. 

The variety has a dark purple, almost black skin; the interior fruit is translucent green and seedless. Sweet Sapphires live up to the description with a dessert sweet flavor from a sugar content that exceeds all other varieties. Each grape is so firm it can be snapped in half and large enough to be stuffed! 


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Red Pumpkin
From Spain
* Per Piece
Regular price 15.00 AED

 1 piece = 2.5 to 3 Kgs (approx.) 

The pumpkin is one of the most adaptable vegetables for cooking, and in October, they're perfect for carving and decorating. Grate the sweet, aromatic flesh to make a satisfying dessert bread. Hollow out the pumpkin and you have a tureen for creamy pumpkin soup. Purée roasted slices of pumpkin and you've got a marvelous side dish for an autumn game dinner.