Bonaf Crunchy Freeze Dried Raspberry 25g Each (Pack of 12)

By Bonaf

Bonaf Crunchy Freeze Dried Raspberry 25g Each (Pack of 12)

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Weight: 300g

Description: Freeze-dried raspberry, healthy fruit snack without preservatives or added sugar. Delicious, convenient and lactose free snack for children or adults. Can be added to granola, yoghurts, smoothies or drinks to give them flavour and increase the nutritional benefit. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diet. Natural source of vitamins (including vitamin C), antioxidants, minerals, energy, fibre and over 90% of vitamins are retained during the freeze-drying process. We freeze dry only fruits grown in a traditional way by local Uzbek farmers, harvested when ripe and processed within a few hours of harvest. All our products are naturally grown in Uzbekistan where the climate and weather is suitable for natural agriculture. Convenient for its long shelf life when kept in sealed package. Healthy, natural, No added sugar, Non-GMO, Additives free

100%Β  Rasberry