Meadows Banana Date Bar 40g
Meadows Banana Date Bar 40g
Meadows Banana Date Bar 40g - QualityFood

By Meadows

Meadows Banana Date Bar 40g

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Expiration Date: 2024-07-10

Weight: 40g

Product Description: Oozing the mildly earthy flavour with candy and clove flavour notes of banana, this Meadows Banana Date Bar is an excellent choice of snack for sweet lovers of all ages. Nuts give it a crunchy bite that makes it much more enjoyable. Eat it as a mid-day snack or a before-bed indulgence, so you feel satisfied. The vanilla flavour along with dates make it aromatic and mildly sweet. These Date Bars from Meadows are made of 100% organic ingredients which makes them a great alternative to all those processed products.

Ingredients: Organic Dates, Organic Gluten-Free Oat Flakes, Organic Banana, Organic Vanilla.