Organic Sesame Tahini
Organic Sesame Tahini
Organic Sesame Tahini

By Meadows

Organic Sesame Tahini

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Expiration Date: 2023-01-07

Weight: 425g

Product Description: This Organic Sesame Tahini from Meadows Organic sauce will work brilliantly as a dip to go along with raw veggies, can be spread on a toast, drizzled on falafel, used as salad dressing or used as an ingredient for tarator sauce. It is also the main ingredient that is used to make Baba Ghanoush and Halva in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine. The nutty and earthy flavour of Tahini will enhance the taste of any dish it is added to.

Ingredients: Organic Sesame Seeds, Salt.

Product Specifications

Description: Smooth and creamy Meadows Organic Sesame Tahini sauce featuring high protein and fibre content.

Origin: UAE