Sweet Melon

From Morocco

Sweet Melon

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The Pepino melon has a light-yellow to light-green skin, streaked with purple variegations. The flesh, when ripe is golden yellow with a narrow seed cavity. The Pepino melon is entirely edible: skin, flesh, pulp and seeds.

The yellow interior is fine-grained and sweetly aromatic, intensifying as it ripens. Its flavor can be described as a mix of banana and pear, with a slightly bitter bite. Its size is inconsistent and can be as small as a plum or as large as a papaya.

The skin of the Pepino melon is edible but if tough and unpalatable it can easily be peeled away. Ripen at room temperature. Pair with lemons or limes, sweet basil, honey, chiles, chayote and coconut. Serve in fresh salads and sauces. Store ripe Pepino melons in a plastic bag in the refrigerator up to three days.