Organic Royal Sidr Honey 150 Grams

By Queen Bee

Organic Royal Sidr Honey 150 Grams

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1 Piece = 150 grams

Organic and delicious Queen Bee Royal Sidr Honey containing the Royal Jelly which gives it the nutritional richness that can improve liver health. This honey has many other remedial benefits including treating constipation, digestive problems, ulcers, stomach pain, eye diseases, respiratory infections, infected wounds, and burns. Those suffering from cancer are recommended to have this honey as it contains 8 times more benefits which help improve the immune system.

Ingredients: Organic honey containing remedial jelly from the Queen Bee.

Product Description:

Description: Organic Queen Bee Roya Sidr Honey with 8 times more benefits than any other honey containing remedial benefits that can help treat ulcers, stomach pain and eye diseases.

Flavour: Smooth and sweet taste containing warm notes.