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By Smart Gourmet

Vegan Gluten Free Roasted Pesto Hummus 225g

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Expiration Date: 2024-09-22

Weight: 225g

Product Description: One of the cherished Middle Eastern foods, the Roasted Pesto Hummus goes well with most dishes. The paste consists of cooked chickpeas, sesame paste, and salt for flavouring. To enhance the mild taste of this creamy sauce, basil leaves, and olive oil are added. You can consume this with pita bread, veg & meat rolls, and other similar dishes. This gourmet dip has a strong taste and rich aroma that can make anyone try it at least once. Creamy, nutritious, and satisfying in every bite, this dip has plant-based proteins to keep you healthy and fit.

Ingredients: Cooked Chickpeas, Water, Vegetable oil (Sunflower), Sesame paste, Basil leaves, Olive oil, Salt, Citric acid, Almond, Garlic, Pepper powder.