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TopLife Milk for Puppies 200ml

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Expiration Date: 2023-11-01

Weight: 200ml

Product Description: Puppies love milk but can sometimes have problems digesting cows’ milk. Goats’ milk is different. It is nutritionally very similar to the puppy’s mother’s milk. It is very easy to digest with slightly less lactose than cow’s milk. The fat globules found in goats’ milk are also typically smaller than those found in other animal milks, making them easier to ‘break down’ and digest in the gut.
Puppies can’t get enough of our delicious milk and it also helps keep them hydrated, especially in the warmer months. For younger pups, our milk is great to help with weaning and encourages lapping by mixing with solid food or just as a little treat. For older puppies, feed it as often as you like by adding a splash to your pet’s dry food or feed on its own as a delicious daily treat.

Ingredients: Whole Goats' Milk, Inulin (10.7g/kg)
Additives - Vitamin E (2.35mg/kg), Vitamin C (6.2mg/kg), Taurine (100mg/kg)